In Collaboration with: Niklos, Nour, Joyce, Nicole, Bryan, Gabby, Andy, Marissa, Morgan (2018 summer intern group at Gensler, SF)


This is the intern project I worked on over the summer of 2018. Through collaboration with my fellow interns, employees at Gensler as well as people working in Halt Homelessness coalition, we proposed three design of housings at different sites in San Francisco to solve the issues of homelessness.

The final product is a marketing booklet that will be used for fund-raising purposes for the initiative.

With the largest amount of open spaces among the three proposals, the PG&E site I worked on aims to provide people experiencing homelessness with a destination to heal, recover, learn and get back to the community and eventually to the society.

The design translates the process of recovery and community support directly to the spatial sequence. With a central support core that facilitates the daily operation of three types of shelters (detox, regular and family shelter), people experiencing homelessness not only have access to basic amenities, but also the integrated resources for medical, counseling, education and training. The modular shelters as well as the support units are flexible for different configurations depending on the size of the lot and required program.

The proposal also includes affordable housing on the north-side of the site during the planning process, aiming to provide people experiencing homelessness a lifeline at their immediate transition back to the society.