an exploration of form and space through the development of shape grammar

project overview

This project explores the production of form and design through the definition and application of rules. We developed shape grammars that define the structure of a design space by establishing a vocabulary of elements and a series of rules that can be applied open-endedly.

Our self-established goal for this project was to play with light. For this reason, rather than cutting the solid to make smaller solid shapes we cut the solid to design spaces, while still trying to keep the language of the prism as a shell. In this vein, we chose to make a design that was expandable. The patter in which each piece is made, two cuts in the shape of a triangle and one move, is repetitive and each series of cut triangles get smaller by one fourth of the original. The language defies the shape of the prism, which allows the bounds of the rectangle to be visible as an out-standing element. This normal, more planar, structure in turn acts as a counter-balance to the non-rectangular, more weaving, space within and around it, created by voids in this simple fractal language.