service design that facilitates communications between the client and the public through navigation signages

project overview

Latham St. Commons (LSC) is a place that focuses on improving health and providing social, dietary and educational support for all people living in Pittsburgh’s Garfield and Friendship neighborhoods. 

Night Owl Bakers (NOB) Program will be launched in the summer of 2018. It is the leading program within LSC that provides baking training for disadvantaged young adults and help them with necessary skills for employment. it also aims to provide the community with gathering destination and potential entrepreneurship incubator. 

My research focuses on designing services to raise the awareness and build anticipation in the community about the coming program in LSC at this early stage of the progress.


proposal & research

To facilitates the interaction and communication between LSC and the community at this early stage, we propose to design signages and installations that can be used in the interior of the common and in the path that customers take, to raise the awareness about the physical space during its process of construction, and improve the overall user experience from people’s initial approach to the common, during which they take away valuable information about the organization and its mission.

During the first few site visits, I mapped out the pedestrian and traffic flow at different intersections around the site, to get an understanding about the directions from which different groups approach the site, and consider how might the multiple distances and eye-levels of drivers and pedestrians be reflected in the design. 

prototype & process

I developed four types of signages that can be installed at different site conditions depending on the kind of information needed at the specific road or intersections. 

Fabrication process includes: CNC medium density fiberboard (MDF); laser cut chipboard stencils, matt board and wood; spray paint

sandwich board : 3/4”x24”x36” MDF + QR code leading to LSC website

signage poster: 16”x24” matt board + QR code leading to LSC website or text “free croissant”

wood owl: 12”x12” plywood + QR code that leads to text “turn left here” or “turn right here”

cube signage: 36”x24” matt board 


guerrilla test and feedback 

After the installation, I asked a few pedestrians who stopped in front of the signage to test out the scanning process and reflect on the overall experience from approaching and interacting the signage.

Based on the feedback of the users, I learned that different levels of mobility and time limit that customers have can really influence the amount of information they receive in their navigation throughout the space.