In Collaboration with: Matthew Miller, Emily Dean

WindStaxs is a local Pittsburgh business, a full-service developer of alternative energy solutions such as vertical-axis wind turbines, microgrids, and industrial batteries.
. Currently the level of customer engagement is low, and we need to convince customers that the WindStaxs they purchased are worth the value. As a team we are proposing a mobile app service that provides value for both the customers and the business.

Our design focused on post-purchase customer engagement using data analytics and a conversational user interface through chatbot. Our process consisted of primary and secondary research, visioning exercises, sketches, and screen designs, and high fidelity prototyping.

stakeholder map_d2.png

For the wireframes, the team used parallel prototyping to quickly iterate through the main features that we want to display in the interface.

After several rounds of iterations, the final design has a few main business goals

  • Keep the customer engaged with the WindStax brand, whereas they typically do not re-engage and thus do not buy more WindStax. This lack of engagement was revealed in one-time exchange from the stakeholder map.

  • Provide a platform to upsell products, intelligently based on actual user needs as measured by instrumentation in the app and the WindStax turbine.

  • Convince the customer of the ongoing value of their WindStax financially and environmentally so that they might purchase more.

  • Collect valuable customer data to inform future product investment decisions.


Our team used a product roadmap to envision how our mobile service app would be rolled out and what additional features we would want to include in the future. We focused on two initiatives through our emerging tech: customer support the conversational user interface and monitoring through data analytics.

Roadmap v3.png